Impacting homelessness through sustainable housing

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To combat homelessness in our area by providing sustainable housing regardless of income, status, or background.

A Home For All is a Fayetteville-based nonprofit organization that has a plan to help solve homelessness within the city. The Organization will offer a variety of tiny housing options to assist the homeless in their housing needs. Its community-based approach looks to renew the spirit of community. Where people living next to one another know that help and support is only a house away.

Hunger, poverty, and homelessness affect every nation

—even the richest and most powerful. Homelessness is a chronic problem across the Unites States, and no community is immune to the factors that cause homelessness. According to Feeding America, food insecurity plagues every U.S. county, with 40 million individuals lacking access to adequate food. Almost 12% of the U.S. population lives in poverty. And, in the absence of more affordable housing or accommodations provided by relatives or friends, many must take to the streets or shelters.

While there are several great organizations in the Fayetteville, and surrounding areas, their capabilities are limited and more capacitary is sorely needed to fulfill demand.

Over 9,000 people face homelessness on any given night in NC
Over 28,000 public school students Pre-K through 12th grade were identified as homeless
Over 10% of the US homeless population are veterans
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Veteran Homelessness

Veterans are more than twice as likely as other Americans to become homeless, and this is especially true of minority veterans.

How We Help

Our Plan

Affordable & Stable Housing

A Home For All plans to purchase 91 acres in Fayetteville, where it will establish affordable housing communities that are sustained long term. The Organization will build tiny homes on its property, each under 1,000 square feet, with 20 homes per acre. Thirty-five acres of the property are buildable; the rest will be used for outdoor spaces like community gardens, walking trails, and a dog park. Each home will be designed as a space where homeless families can live and establish a permanent home for themselves, even allowing them to keep their pets.

Collaborations & Partnerships

A Home For All will work in collaboration with other organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, which will come to the site to host events. The Organization will also bring in others to teach classes, such as yoga. In the long-term, A Home For All will purchase a van to transport residents to local food banks and other service providers. Residents will be fully integrated into the community, having their basic needs seen to and being expected to participate in tasks around the community, such as gardening and cleaning.

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As we gear up to purchase the land and procure building materials, we will engage with our email list and social media for help.

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We are looking for strategic partnership with several organizations and businesses, including builders, churches, military and veteran organizations, and other nonprofits.


We have set a goal of $1.4m for the purchase of land and the initial building of 40 homes. In order for us to reach our goal by the end of 2022 we need your help.

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